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Thursday, 9 April 2009

Our Safety Plan/Nuestro Plan De Seguridad

Resulta que la prima Celia Mejías Luna también escribe:

Our Safety Plan/Nuestro Plan De Seguridad (Spanish)

(ISBN: 9781419661037)
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Formato: Paperback

Fecha de Publicación: January 2007

MSRP: US$15.99

Product Description

By narrating a very serious topic through the voice of a child, the author discretely lends victims of domestic violence invaluable survival strategies. Packaged in a straightforward, non threatening and compassionate formate, this well-researched resource book reflects a nuanced understanding of the issue.

Ms. Luna's guide undoubtedly belongs in the bookshelves of all clinicians working with families."

Dr. Aris R. Peguero, PSYD
Clinical-child-school psychologist


By M. L. Brion Silva (Westchester Co. / New York) -

The Safety Plan provides the reader with basic but critical information for both former family victims and families at risk of Domestic Violence and Alcohol Abuse.
These easy-to-follow guidelines make the book accessible to even young readers right from the onset of an abusive encounter. This strategy enhances the safety of battered families in the community.

The services provided for these innocent victims are vital but the actions taken to stop future violence against them are equally important. Hence the uniqueness of The Safety Plan. By following Ms. Luna's critical steps, future violence will be stopped.

The author cleverly designed the book's cover to look like a children's story instead of a 'weapon' in order to distract the abuser from any interest in the book and thereby avoid any possible confrontation with victimized families.

By purchasing The Safety Plan, you are supporting Domestic Violence and Alcohol Abuse cause because all proceeds go directly to this worthy organization.
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By William J. Stevens (Allen, Texas) -

Tolstoy wrote, "All happy families are alike; each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way." Unfortunately, there are countless unhappy familes today that can trace their plight to two basic sources: domestic violence and alcohol. The victims are many, but children are the ones most affected: torn by feelings of confusion, fear, guilt and hopelessness. Our Safety Plan directly addresses the painful circumstances and emotions of children in troubled households. The book moves beyond understanding these feelings; it prescribes a program of action-- hence the "Safety Plan."

Our Safety Plan is a book that can make a real difference in the lives of children everywhere.

By MCA "Candid" (New York, NY USA) -
I find this book to be a loving testament of how to survive the effects of a wound with which many of us have to live. This book is a tool/guide to help victims of domestic violence. It's written in English and Spanish, attempting to assist as many people as possible. This book is a treasure for family members, social workers, family psychologists who want to help themselves or those they love survive domestic violence in the least harmful way. The illustrations speak for themselves and through them, children in such families can identify the situation they are in. "Our Safety Plan" should be in personal and public libraries.

By Carmen Rodriguez (New York, NY) -
I recommend My Safety Plan to teachers, guidance counsellors, social workers, psychologists, and anyone else who is involved with children. They should read this book to children, and encourage them to respond to the story. Asking children open-ended questions, such as, what the story reminds them of, provides an opportunity for children to share their experiences without feeling threatened. In this way, valuable information may be obtained.

Children learn about the world as they are exposed to new experiences. When they are introduced to new ideas, this increases their choices in life. I believe that My Safety Plan is a vehicle, by which many children, who are victims of domestic violence, may be able to develop a more conscious awareness of their circumstances. It can help them to realize that others are having similar experiences, and that assistance is available. This book exposes children to the idea that they can be proactive by creating a safety plan. This may help them feel that they have more control, and not feel so powerless.

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